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English: Map of Lake Huron. Category:Michigan maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this hectic, fast-changing world, many people are searching for peace of mind, a feeling of tranquility at day’s end. Some of us seek it through a walk in nature, others in yoga or tai chi.

There are numerous ways to seek that calmer sense of being. Carrying a small stone or rock in one’s pocket is a common strategy to maintain that outlook through a busy day or meetings and encounters.

Someone gave me such a semi-precious pebble a few years ago. Red and shiny, it is smooth to the touch.

A while ago, I found a rock on the shores of Lake Huron. It seemed to be waiting for someone to pocket it. I wrote a poem about this small stone.

2014 Haiku on a rock   

washed by Huron’s waves

worn brown striped and smooth and thin

tranquility stone

© Patricia A. McGoldrick

 Whatever works for you, have a tranquil, happy weekend! Peace!

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