Spring is on its way!


Over at The Poetry Park, there is a call for Embracing Spring With Open Arms! This week, there are hopeful signs.

This is the first year, in quite some time, that all birds but crows and hawks seem to have vacated the city. Finally, today, some familiar sounds have returned, with little patches of colour in the bare tree branches, in the evergreens, too.

Black and Yellow

Looked out my window for signs of spring

none to be found, tho’ I heard a bird sing

Tree-top chatter has been silent too long

black-capped chickadee, I hear today’s song.

©2015 Patricia A. McGoldrick



Pi Poem?

Today’s prompt at The Poetry Park calls for a particular format, described by Susan Shoeffield as one that is  built around the root of Pi. Specifically, this one is called the Chronos, which equates to Pi2 or 9.8696. It’s an unrhymed, five-line poem with a syllable count per line of 9-8-6-9-6. 

Not so much into structured poems but it is fun to explore a new-for-me type of poem. Ironically, this Pi prompt follows a day of baking an actual pie. This is a once a year or two venture for me so the results are often unique, to say the least. I experimented with baking it in a casserole dish rather than the usual pie plate serving dish. Granted, the shape was not traditional but the taste was quite delicious. Here is the poem that I wrote for the Pi prompt.


Pie for Tea

I baked a Northern Spy apple pie

with rustic homemade oatmeal crust

cinnamon brown sugar

mixed with a few dashes of butter —

savoury aroma!

© 2015 Patricia A. McGoldrick

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