Decided to change the appearance of my blog with this new theme, new for me that is.


I used a photo of coreopsis blooms from last year’s perennial garden. I am looking forward to more of these pretty flowers again this year. For now, these orange poppies are a highlight in the perennial garden!

The weather has been picture perfect for a few days now. There is so much more outdoor activity going on with lawns and gardens and just plain old walking in the neighbourhood. Wonderful days!

Meanwhile, I having been trying to work on a special blog post for next week as part of a virtual blog tour about writing.

I was invited to participate in this event by a poet, Pamela Smyk Cleary, who I met through an online poetry prompt site. If you want to know more about this poet and the blog tour, you can visit the link at http://wanponpopix.blogspot.ca/2014/06/the-writers-blog-tour-my-writing-process.html.

Time for me to go to vote here in Ontario. Back next week with that virtual blog tour post!

Have a great weekend!




Within 24 hours, the humidity and temperature have moderated to a comfortable level. It is amazing how fast things can change in the weather and in the world.

The survival of many species is seriously at risk. Today’s poem was inspired by a true “lion” of a poetry prompt at IGWRT. I encourage you to click here and check out the link to learn more about white lions.

I was amazed by what I read, previously unknown to me.

Then, I decided to write a small poem for our small dog.

2014 CODY 14 YR PUP
2014 CODY 14 YR PUP

Limerick for Cody

There once was a puppy named Cody

a cock-a-poo creamy was he

he played in the yard

swam in the pool 

did all o’ the things that sweet puppies do.

© 2014 Patricia A. McGoldrick

Have a great week!


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