Found at Lake Huron!

Winter, hopefully, is winding down. March, to me, always bring thoughts of spring, weeks ahead of the actual date.

This week, The Poetry Park prompt listed below* led me to take a look at some of my photo memories from one of our Great Lakes. There are remnants of so many stories in the items that are found in a stroll along the beach. .

Shores of Lake Huron



delight in sand

no ocean tide just waves

to wash away castles

old dreams

© 2015 Patricia A. McGoldrick

Have a great week!

*My poem was inspired by italicized word prompt at


The recent  Poetry Park prompt is about hope with a well-known quote by American poet, Emily Dickinson. The posting is found at

There is such a range of hope, even in the small daily tasks we undertake. This, I experienced with my attempt to bake bread. Working with yeast was a challenge but, after a couple of tries, the   yeast rose to the correct amount for this beginner. The end result, pictured below, was a tasty accompaniment to a homemade soup.


I baked a loaf of bread today —

Irish brown with a touch of molasses —

my hope that it would rise for a soupy supper.

T dah! 

2015 Irish Brown Bread!
2015 Irish Brown Bread!

 If you have some hope to make bread, check out the recipe for Irish brown bread with cultured butter at Enjoy!


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