Hockey  is full of surprises, none moreso than an unexpected trade. Hockey fans have come to expect the unexpected; however, last night’s mid-game shuffle of Michael Cammalleri, literally, took the hockey cake!

This transaction is one that will go down in hockey history, like the Gretzky trade years ago. The mid-game send-off  in a taxi was an awkward treatment of a talented professional athlete.

Ironically, it occurs in the week of a certain NHL veteran’s 74th birthday–Frank Mahovlich!

The Big M coffee mug!

Yes, Frank Mahovlich, the Big M, is 74! The Hockey Fall of Famer, known for his smooth skate on the ice, powerful shots at the net, was traded by the Toronto Maple Leafs in a controversial multi-player package that dominated sportscasters’ comments for days.

Ultimately, Mahovlich thrived in Detroit and later played well in Montreal for the Habs. Hopefully, Cammalleri, also,  will fare well in his return to the west.

The hockey world will continue with its regular schedule, immediately, but the nature of this player trade will leave a negative impact. Is the status of a professional hockey player as insecure as the next period of hockey? Will players dress for the game, at least part of it, anyway?

Mid-game trade? Mistake.

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