One never knows what the day will bring.

This is an understatement, maybe, but sometimes you might just find something or discover a special item.

2012 Silver Maple turns to Gold!

It could be one that you already possess that makes a difference in your life. It is a real treasure!

You may not be on an actual treasure hunt. It could be a day like today. Amidst a very blustery October day, yellow maple leaves flying wildly in the air,  I finished a poem, took our cock-a-poo dog, Cody, for a walk and then decided to catch up on some social media.

I reread an interview with a wonderful poet named Andrea Heiberg at Poetic Bloomings, responded to some comments on my poem post, and then made some of my own remarks at other blogs.

Then I decided to check Twitter for the latest news and trivia. TVO happens to be in my Follow list so when I saw their icon with a message about “treasure”, I decided to check it out.

So glad that I did! I found this amazing little video, dealing with a theme of poverty but a truly rich creation. Please check out the link  for this work at                                                                   The Treasure Do poor people’s treasures differ from those of the rich?

It will give you some food for thought about what you treasure. Perhaps you will write or speak about treasures in the days to come as we continue to celebrate the abundance of Harvest here in North America. I know that this topic and the star of this video are staying in my mind!

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Poetry is bliss! Whether I read, write, sing, listen to it, poetry makes my day! That is why the Poetry Month of April is such an amazing month for me despite rain, snow, wind, and mud.

Last year I wrote a blog post, urging people to Celebrate Poetry Month With ‘Poem in Your Pocket Day’ .

2012 April Snow

In 2012, I am celebrating once again by upcycling a piece of paper into a small book as a home for a poem.

There are many simple, foldable formats for making such a book that is small enough to carry in your pocket.

Here are 3 possibilities:

  • I have just discovered a new version of this one-pager at a link from Cathy Miranker.
  • If you wish to make a Stapleless Book,  just click here and you can stop by a site often used in schools but available to others.This site is very user-friendly with a step by step approach for you to make a small poem such as mine in this photo.
  • Microsoft Office also has a downloadable template for such a book.

Have fun! These small books are fun to gift and share!:)

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