Friday has arrived, bringing to an end this eventful week.

Thursday was a windy day with gusts up to 80 km! That, of course, had an impact on the roof of our house but it has now been fixed.

This morning, the sky was blue with a few simple clouds and a jet track or two.

One cloud formation caught my eye. The resulting photo is shown here. Looked like an arrow to me & I wondered about its meaning.

Is it possible that it was a symbol, a beacon with direction? Where was it pointing, this wispy compass in the sky? Mere cloud talk?

What do you think?

This week saw the finish of a Canadian television series, Arctic Air. For 3 seasons, this show featured a cast of characters who lived and worked in the far north, in Yellowknife. It was a fictional glimpse of a present-day Arctic community. The show has been dropped by the network but it was good while it lasted.

Have a great weekend!

2014 arrow
2014 Arrow cloud!

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2014 is arriving with a bang, or two, literally! In Ontario and elsewhere, frost quakes are interrupting people’s sleep patterns and peace of mind. Check out this bolded term here if you wish to be  informed and reassured about this phenomenon that is occurring.

When I was growing up, I recall hearing similar sounds in the cold, dark nights of rural Ontario winter. Apparently, I was told, our 1902 red brick house was just settling itself for the night. I, also, recall that I was not too comforted by the thought that our very old house needed to go through this noisy process just to stay centred in the freezing cold countryside.

That aside, the weather has certainly been ideal for catching up on some winter reads, starting with Jim and Sue Waddington’s In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven. Gifted to me this holiday season, this book about my favourite group of Canadian artists, is a travelogue of two art aficionados who have traced the scenic inspirations of many of the paintings done by the Group of Seven. Detective skills coupled with instincts and their children’s observations combined to assist the couple in their journey. The hardcover book with many quality reproductions of paintings, sketches and photos is a beautiful item to add to your bookshelf and to browse on a cold winter’s day.

Cover photo from Goose Lane Editions website.
Cover photo from Goose Lane Editions website.

After holiday feasts and snacking, like me, you might be looking for some tasty, healthful, foods to add to your weekly menu. I would recommend that you check out Delicious Mediterranean Diet Recipes by Hearst and Open Road Integrated Media. With some fundamental ingredients of pasta, meat and vegetables, these recipes will provide nutritious, colourful dishes in the coming year. This Kindle edition is available at You will enjoy reading this anthology of recipes accompanied by appealing photos and added information pages. Enjoy.

Cover photo, NetGalley
Cover photo, NetGalley

Finally, happy to say that 2014 has started well for the poet in me as I have shared a couplet in the annual cooperative poem at You can check out this link to read a series of couplets inspired by the theme “wind”. This poem begins with the words,  I Hear the Wind Waiting . My contribution begins with  “Crystal coating…” Thrilled I am to be part of this diverse creation.

Best to all as we glide into the new year! 🙂

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