2014 Cody!

When I saw this weekly prompt, Eye Spy, only one photo came to mind!

Last summer, 2014, I took this photo of our dog, Cody, as he was looking up at a certain someone’s favourite chair, probably looking for a treat of some variety or maybe a walk in the great outdoors. This customary glance was frequently seen as this creamy coated, cock-a-poo developed his communication skills.

The photo was taken almost a year to the day before Cody passed on, leaving empty the places and the hearts that had been his haunts for 15 years.

How wonderful to have so many photos as reminders!


The leaf colours this year have been amazing!

Fortunately, there is a huge maple tree in the back yard which provides a glimpse of the changing seasons all year round.

These days, in October, it is providing a free light source as it shines through windows, a couple of upstairs windows plus the kitchen and dining room.

If these golden leaves stayed on the tree for a month or two, would it lower the cost of hydro for home? Just wondrin’! ­čÖé

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